living room with exotic plant in foreground and leather couches and picture window with sheer curtains in background

Designing Through
the Senses

The Process 

Step 1: Discovery: During our initial call, we will talk about your goals and vision. Often, I find that those who crave a change in their surroundings have unknowingly become numb to trouble spots such as clutter, disorganization, or family heirlooms that give off bad energy. We’ll identify and make a plan to improve these areas.

Step 2: Inspiration: Next, the fun part! We’ll explore the styles (often there is more than one) that resonate with you. Which colors, shapes, sounds, textures, and even fragrances are you naturally drawn to — that speak to your soul? During this part of the process, true inspiration reveals itself and begins to
guide us on the design journey.

Step 3: Implementation: I will create an inspiration board showing the look and feel of your new space based on the inspiration discussion. Often one round does the trick, but just in case, I do include one revision if we need to tweak a few things. Then we’ll discuss your design budget and scope to make a plan for bringing the vision to life.

Note: All work is done by phone and Zoom unless you choose the “In-Person Package” for Israel


Pricing & Packages

Virtual Design – $900 includes a 1 ½ hour phone consultation and design for one room.  Includes:  inspiration board (one revision), scope of work and shopping list, and a floor plan.  This package is best suited for confident shoppers who want a professional design plan but are comfortable shopping and implementing independently.  $275 for each additional room.

Virtual Design Plus – $1,600 includes a 2 hour phone consultation and design for two+ rooms ($275 for each additional room).  Includes:  inspiration boards for each room (one revision for each room), scope of work, shopping list, floor plan, and most importantly, full access to me for shopping and implementation of the design.  Creating your dream rooms together.

Onsite – Essentially the same offering as Virtual Design Plus, but we will do much of our work in-person and onsite.  Available to Israel residents.

Fully Credentialed and Experienced Interior Designer

I am a certified Interior Designer with a keen eye for detail and the ability to bring your vision to life.

Contractor Liaison

I can provide a list of highly experienced, licensed, and insured contractors who will get the job done right.  And, I will provide ongoing contractor communication to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Rendering and Animation

Using advanced rendering and animation techniques, you can see your vision in detail before the project even begins!

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