New Villa Design and Homestyling

Projects, just like everything in life, don’t always follow the exact plans you set. It’s how we adapt to the varying circumstances that allows us to produce something wonderful.

I was approached by a client who had undertaken a laborious building adventure. When they were ready to address the interior of the home, they approached me and in a collaborative effort we are working together to turn their lovely house into a stunning home.

It was clear that in this instance the “all at once” approach would not be possible. Acknowledging the dynamics of a busy household with two working parents, we decided to tackle one space at a time.

This project was not about quantity; it was about quality and taking the time to find just the right pieces.  The custom-made lighting fixture above the dining room table is a showstopper. The arrival of a daughter, after three boys, created the need to turn the family room into a bedroom for a princess. The vision we had for her bed couldn’t be found in the stores. Instead, I drew the design onto the wood in the carpenter’s studio and he turned that into a beautiful custom-made bed. It was perfect!

I believe that the effort and focus put into the details are what make a design truly spectacular.

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