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Brick, mortar, wood and nails can make a house, but it takes much more to make a home. Although my design process relies on selecting furnishings and decor, my goal is more than creating a beautiful space – my goal is to help you create your ‘soul space.’

I’m Marlene Zusman and I’ve been designing, in one way or another, since my teens. Whether through clothing, food or interior design, I’ve always been able to pull together looks that inspire, excite and reflect the essence of whomever I’m helping.  You could even say it’s in my DNA.  

My grandmother, Gammy, was also in the design industry and inspired my passion for creating inviting and nourishing spaces.  Walking into her home felt like getting a warm, well-timed hug.  There was always something delicious cooking on the stove, music playing, and special decorative pieces interspersed with comfortable furniture throughout.  Looking back, I realize that Gammy’s home awakened all my senses so that I could feel her energy in every corner.

She is the inspiration behind Designing Through the Senses, an approach based on the concept that everything in your home has energy.  We’ll determine which items work and which don’t, both aesthetically and energetically.  My philosophy is that design is more than just creating a beautiful space; it’s expressing the heart and soul of the family that lives there.


Download the free guide to Designing Through the Senses—Creating Your Soul Space